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Suicide in America:

Montana consistently has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation, and a key part of combatting this is increasing awareness. To that end, I have built an interactive report using the latest suicide data from the CDC. The map in the upper section can be used to filter the report to specific state.

If you are considering suicide, please reach out to someone you care about, call 988, or go to the nearest ED.

Sales Performance

A report showing sales performance and highlighting areas of concern for a multinational business.

Santa's Efforts in the United States:

An interactive report detailing the number of children and homes visited by Santa, as well as the estimated financial values of gifts, at the national and state level.

Penguins of the Palmer Archipelago:

A report detailing sexual dimorphism among penguins of the Palmer Archipelago. You can filter to specific species by clicking on the drawing of the three penguins. Special thanks to Allison Horst for the illustrations, and to Allison Horst and Alison Hill, PhD for making the data available to R users.

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