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What We Do

Jackalopes were once a common site across the American west. You could hardly visit a convenience store, café, tourist trap, or mom-and-pop shop without encountering a jackalope calmly watching from up on the wall. But as large companies moved in and these small businesses moved out, the jackalope, sadly, became fleetingly rare.

At Jackalope Conservation Services, we are working to preserve the Jackalopes’ natural habitat. We believe that local businesses and non-profits are the heart and soul of every community. To do this, we provide business intelligence, strategic planning, program evaluation, and process improvement services; so that the things that make Montana great can continue to succeed.

Who We Are

Jordan Webber is our founder and CJC (Chief Jackalope Conservationist). Jordan stumbled into data analysis while pursuing his Master of Science degree in psychology, where he fell in love with research design and statistics. This love would lead him to a variety of opportunities, including coding data for an EEG lab at Colorado State University, serving as principal investigator and grant reporter on a $2.5 million dollar SAMHSA grant, and five years providing advanced analytics for various clinical programs at Billings Clinic.


During this time, Jordan has had the opportunity to develop and refine his skills in statistical analysis, business intelligence analysis, as well as learn the ins and outs of Microsoft’s Power Platform, especially Power BI.

In 2022, Jordan decided it was time for a new challenge. Realizing that there were small businesses and non-profits that could benefit from advanced analytics, Jordan developed Jackalope Conservation Services to help these organizations leverage their data without the overhead of hiring their own analysts.

When not crunching numbers, Jordan can often be found out on a run, taking photos, or hiding in the Bighorn Mountains with his lovely wife, Jen.

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